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Visitor Comments

Submitted By: David FairhurstSubmitted: 11/15/2018
A quick shout out for the guys who work for the city and look after the Newkirk Country Club, The members of the N.G.A. (Newkirk Golf Association) would like to thank them for their hard work in 2018 for brush removal, mowing maintaining the course, and all that you do, your hard work was appreciated by all, Thank you!. The NGA Members this year also worked hard helping the City of Newkirk maintain a great golf club for all by working on the greens with the purchase of sand new cups, flags and poles all at our own expense through club funds and member donations and then only to find a few thieves decide to steal some flag poles drags and rakes, why anyone would want to steal them is a mystery unless you have your own sand green, To the person/persons that decided to either take them home or throw them in the lake, If something like this should happen to your car or property through vandalism please think back to how people must have felt, `remember` Karma is never far away!

Submitted By: GLACIA FAGANSubmitted: 2/16/2019
I have a conern regarding the Duke Energy wind turbines that are planned to be placed on the east and northeast side of Newkirk. These turbines are appromiamately a 1 1/2 from the Newkirk City limits. As a land owner adjoining a prorperty where a turbine is plannned to be placed., I was not informed of this plan until Duke Energy began surveying to place a turbine. My concerns are, that Newkirk and surrounding residnece are unaware of this happening so close to our home town. Additionally, these turbines will be closer than the other turbines surrounding the Newkirk area. I hope the newkirk city counsel has not turned a blind eye to what is happening in our community. Any kay County reseident can simply drive from east River Road to north Fork Road and see the survey stakes. There are wind turbines planned next to the Newkirk Cementary on Fork Road. Another concern I have, is that there is not a setback regualtion near residence and towns to protect Kay county citizens from the negative effects such as noise, shadow flicker ,and reduced local property values., In conclusion, I believe going green can be benefical in many aspects. However, why does Duke Energy have to put the wind farrm so close to town. When the other wind farms are farther from our home town. I urge fellow kay county citizens to contact local goverment officials to express there concerns, regarding the proximity of the Duke Enengy wind farm to the City of Newkirk.